2017 – 2018 PTA Board Memebers

Please reach out to us at any time to ask questions, raise concerns or make suggestions!  There are still positions to be filled!

Positions Name Email Phone
President Sarah Williams sarahbiddlewilliams@gmail.com 801-455-9781
Pres-Elect Needed!
Secretary April Garff aprilceleste@gmail.com
Treasurer Heather Parry hbear7572@yahoo.com 801-910-0870
Hospitality Roberta Betts Roberta.rsw@gmail.com 801-440-8084
Safety Benny Keele utahbenny@gmail.com 801-201-5237
Health Jenny Kearl poo_martin@hotmail.com 801-680-7417
Community Involvement Needed
Reflections Needed
Recruiting Needed